Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Warm Buns


Not only do I not know where to place this “radiator” in any room but what may have bothered me more is the look on this guy’s face and where his hand is. Well, I guess he is wondering about what is happening to his sperm count with all the heat.

Why do we need a radiator chair ?


Ispirato Design said...

Too funny! Wouldn't it be great to sit on in the wintertime, maybe on a porch!

LINDA from OEKE said...

I think the caption of this pic should be ..

"Yep, yep, .. toes warm, bum warm, left elbow warm - but my head - it's F-ing freezing and halfs been chopped off .. helppppp'

(excuse the attempted humour - it's very early here)

Anonymous said...

oh! I so want this!!! I'd place it on my deck and I can sit outside for a change..we often still get snow in May so I could sit outside and watch it snow and feel like I was joining the ranks of people in warmer climes who get to be outside during the months of May...

MidCenturyHome said...

To have a boiling ass? ;)