Monday, June 27, 2011

Do We Read Anymore?

Richard Gillette From the portfolio of Richard Gillette

We follow two hundred blogs, if not more. We run to our Google reader and open it and scroll. Stop at a pretty picture or two and maybe even save them to an inspiration file and scroll again, faster and faster we scroll, because we have to rush out or rush into something. We go back to our reader again, perhaps between appointments, and find that the number of unread posts has climbed up again to 800 and we feel that rush again to scroll faster to get that number down, as if it is another job that needs to get done and not so properly too.

We don't stop and read anymore. We tend to forget that a person has actually put the time and effort to put together that post, from finding the right photo to formulating the right words. We forget that a person has actually taken the time to entertain us, we forget to actually read what was written, we forget to see what kind of emotion the writer was trying to convey, we forget to stop for a few seconds, and we forget to say thank you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Elegant Way to Die

Never thought I would one day post about “death”, but this mausoleum was too interesting of a concept not to write about.

Even though when I depart I could care less where it happens, I am sure the person taking care of arrangements would enjoy such a setting. It is somber and austere and befitting of the mood, unless those left behind are feeling more celebratory.

Tomb-mausoleum 1Located in Murcia and designed by Spanish studio Clavel Arquitectos.

Tomb-onyx wall 2 

Tomb 3 Tomb 6Beautiful work with the walls and doors

First three images via Dezeen. Last image from Clavel Arquitectos Facebook page

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Modern Temple

MR1 Pool StatuesVia Home DSGN

The pool at the Mario Rocha house designed by Atelier Nunu Lacerda Lopes in Portugal. Isn’t this calling you to meditate ?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Colorful Retail

One of my favorite blog reads, Blue Fruit, showcased this beautiful project in Brazil. It is true, pictures do sometimes speak louder than words.

marcio kogan decameron Colorful retail 1

Marcio Kogan Decameron Colorful Retail 2  Marcio Kogan Decameron Colorful Retail 3 

marcio kogan decameron colorful retail 4 Images via Blue Fruit

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Variations On A Classic

As part of the “Suite New York’s” The Pink Swan Project benefiting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, 18 designers were asked to customize the Swan chair designed by Arne Jacobsen. Click on the link to view the whole collection.

Windsor Smith Windsor Smith

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Alexandra Von Furstenberg

David Mann David Mann

J. Adler Jonathan Adler

Jamie Drake Jamie Drake

Kelly Hoppen Kelly Hoppen

Simon Doonon Simon Doonan

Vicente Wolf Vicente Wolf

Karim Rashid Karim Rashid

Do you have a favorite ? Do you like the idea ?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Badly Needed


Today I would like a space like this. Normally this would be too clinical (maybe creepy) for me, but not today.

Designed by Anouska Hempel via Casa Tres Chic

Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Design/Bad Design, Thou Shalt Not Judge

Most people can judge different professions, they allow themselves to give opinions both good and bad about almost anyone regardless if they are in the same profession or not, regardless if they are qualified to give such an opinion or not, they just do, and it is widely accepted. You hear people declaring someone as a good lawyer/bad lawyer, good doctor/bad doctor, good politician/bad politician etc ……

BUT, if you are a designer you are almost robbed of this right, and you have to watch what you say and how you say it. If you should ever dare say “this is bad design” or “I do not particularly like this design”, you are immediately labeled as someone that wants to be a style police, someone that limits creativity or the ever so popular label, you are jealous. It is even worse if you happen to critique a younger designer, you suddenly become the evil one, the horrible step mother that is stifling budding talent, and who is threatened by new talent and their possible success.

So why cant we as professional working designers freely express our opinion without being judged ?

I know that creativity and beauty are hard to define, they are vague areas that are very perceptual whose very nature creates more vague definitions of what is good or bad. In recent years the grey area has grown even more, encompassing many disciplines in the world of visual arts not only design making it harder to define what is good and what is bad.

01 Good Design

Still, with all this craziness and ambiguity I believe there is a difference between good and bad, and more importantly there is what we like and what we don't like regardless of how great it is, and it should be ok to express an opinion without people becoming too sensitive.

What do you think ? Should you be able to freely express your design opinion, or shut up and be goody two-shoes as requested by some blogs?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

3D Bikini

I would love to see the tan lines created after sun bathing in this bikini

3D bikini 1

3D bikini 3Ouch…… I think 

3D bikini 2For more images and to know more about this project go to Dezeen

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Skin Is In ?

What is it with skin this year ? Have you seen this previous post?

Chairs from the skin collection designed by Pepe Heykoop Images from Dezeen