Monday, June 27, 2011

Do We Read Anymore?

Richard Gillette From the portfolio of Richard Gillette

We follow two hundred blogs, if not more. We run to our Google reader and open it and scroll. Stop at a pretty picture or two and maybe even save them to an inspiration file and scroll again, faster and faster we scroll, because we have to rush out or rush into something. We go back to our reader again, perhaps between appointments, and find that the number of unread posts has climbed up again to 800 and we feel that rush again to scroll faster to get that number down, as if it is another job that needs to get done and not so properly too.

We don't stop and read anymore. We tend to forget that a person has actually put the time and effort to put together that post, from finding the right photo to formulating the right words. We forget that a person has actually taken the time to entertain us, we forget to actually read what was written, we forget to see what kind of emotion the writer was trying to convey, we forget to stop for a few seconds, and we forget to say thank you.


LINDA from OEKE said...

Your very deep post suits my Monday mood so I will agree with you .. in principal. Pretty pics are lovely and yes, they are easy to scan. But me, I love reading what people wrote. Even if only a line or 3. I guess you are either a words person or not - and by words I'm not meaning you have to read all that hard or technical or smart stuff - just words that someone has put into a sentence.

So, a big THANKYOU for your great words (even the silly word verification word of the night - sycompki).

Jessie said...

I enjoy reading what people have to say in their blogs because I understand how much time and effort they put in each blog post.

Sometimes, when I am in a rush, I am tempted to scan through the pictures but in the end, I came back and read them before posting any comments. Because without reading the whole post, my comments will not be sincere and genuine.

I hope to receive genuine comments from others so I leave genuine comments, too!

Thanks for the thought provoking post! Sometimes, we really need reminders like these in our crazy and hectic blogging world!


Blue Fruit said...

A thought provoking post. For me, like Linda, the best bit of blogs are the words which accompany the pictures, because they are another point of view from my own - and to me that is the whole point of the blogging community.

Anonymous said...

and funny that you should say this because it's often evident when another blogger makes the obligatory comment on your blog but hasn't taken the time to read the post..
we are all in a hurry to just get it done..and for what outcome?
thank-you again,
nice dining room, btw.. :)

Rhônya Holman said...

I totally agree with your observation. I too noticed bloggers who visit my site and post a comment without even reading, let alone allowing my posts to resonate with them on a deeper level. It saddens me. I don't approve such comments because popularity doesn't matter as much as meaningful expression.

There are so many blogs out there without meaningful or original content, but people comment anyway. Yet for those who really make an effort to create something from the heart, they are not appreciated because people really don't read but merely wish to link back to themselves. And then there are the quiet ones ...

Have a lovely week! =(^.^)=

kcomekarolina said...


xoxo from rome

Mid-Century Home said...

I'm so agree with you!!
I noticed it especially in the design blogs...some of them maybe have tons of traffic but few comments; and sometimes the post really deserves one!
Such a pity, but true...

Thanks for the interesting topic and ciao.

Nice pic by the way ;)

Ana Aguilar-Corney said...

In part you are right some people do not ake the time in their busy lifes but then therare the ones that like you took the time to read and also take the time to put their posts together, like me so i do appreciate the time and effort. Thank you :O)

Petra Voegtle said...

May I ask YOU - do YOU read? And how often do you leave a comment on blogs who's authors often leave a comment on yours?

Happy Friday to you and a relaxing weekend with much reading...

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Hi petra, actually I do :)

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

I really enjoy reading what people have posted although I feel I miss a lot of posts sometimes if I dont stop by enough

La Boheme said...

I so agree with you Jimmy...we all get so busy and I don't want blogging to feel like another "job" I don't maybe visit every blog every day or even week, but when I do, I spend quality time there and post a comment or two. To me that is more honest way of real interest in someone's interest and work. Great post indeed.