Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Silly Questions Clients Ask

plug-socket-costume Source

Phone rings, yet again, on a BUSY day

Client “Hi Jimmy”

Me “Hi Mr. X”

Client “The guys are installing and I just wanted to ask, do we plug the table lamp to the socket on the left or the socket on the right”

My Mind “You can plug it in your  #$%#$%*&$#, that’s how it will really light up”

Me “The one on the left please”

Client “Thank you” with a smile in the voice “you’re a lifesaver”

Yup, that is what I am


Jessie said...

The image and conversation are absolutely funny! I can't believe people ask such a silly question.


Anonymous said...

no, Jimmy, it doesn't bother me when you get asked such silly questions.. but I do hate it when I am asked such silly stop asking me silly questions...
have a good day..

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Bahahhaahh. Some people are dumb. I might fall in that category. Sometimes.

Okay maybe a lot.

Divine Theatre said...

Your left or my left?

Casa Très Chic said...

Absolutely funny!
A great weekend to you.

Renée Finberg said...

gotta love the image.

and yes....
clients can be amazingly dull....
or shall i say,
"not exactly the sharpest pencils in the box" when it comes to .....
anything related to their design project.
they really just want to call you to get every last penny out of your time.

KAT + MUSE said...

Wow! This image is amazing on so many different levels! Growing up putting Xmas lights on the tree was always a huge/painful undertaking...I can almost hear my dad yelling for a female end, then a male plug! haha! And stupid clients aside, thanks for being a lifesaver...phew...what would we do without you telling us where to plug it?!?!

Meta Musings said...

ahahahha hilarious. so true! xx

La Boheme said...

Awesome, Jimmy. Thank you for being a lifesaver indeed. Thank God we have you :) Have a great week! xoxo

My Interior Life said...

Too funny. Love this photo. Wish I had somewhere to use it. No matter what industry you're in, people/clients are pretty uninformed. What can you do?

niartist said...

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHAHA! I'm glad I'm not the only one!