Saturday, August 27, 2011

Inside Out

Beautiful modern architecture bringing the outdoors indoors. I am sure this was styled for the photo shoot, I would add a bit of warmth without drastically touching the interior, still it is beautiful as is. What do you think ?


HH1 Source


Jessie said...

These are just beautiful! Love the landscaping and architecture!

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling of simplicity but not simple minded..there is too much intelligence in these rooms yet the editing is amazing..

Petra Voegtle said...

Spectacular architecture but nothing I could feel at home in. There are too many sharp edges for my taste, too much concrete. These houses are cold. There is no human personality to recognize. Additionally I would feel too vulnerable towards the outer world - a home is normally a place where I could feel safe and protected but I would never have this feeling in these villas...

Anonymous said...

wonderful architecture and the genius idea to organize furnitures

Danie at Pasadya said...

I think this is jaw-droppiing! I know some people may say it's too cold, but I'm drawn to the simplicity and the mesh of the indoors and outdoors. I wouldn't mind living there at all! I think I'd a little more warmth too. Nothing a splash of white paint and some artwork couldn't fix. :)