Saturday, April 9, 2011

“Signature” Style

I am a big fan of Kelly, Hoppen that is, always have, probably always will be. We both share a deep passion (she does not know) which is an obsessive fascination with Taupe. The “King Of Taupe” title most probably would never be bestowed upon me, for even though I do love it and use it in abundance, I always get the urge to infuse the room with a tiniest bit of color. Unlike Ms. Hoppen, I can never exert enough self restraint to keep it at Taupe. Oh yes and I tend to change my designs a bit from one project to another, but that is a minor detail. So, as much as we are twin souls, we do have our individual  slightly different characters.

I own all her books.

I follow her news.

I subscribe to her blog, which brings me to why I am posting about her. While enjoying reading all about her trip to the Far East and Russia, and her visit to the huge furniture store that carries her line, I learned that she was pushed into signing a few leather trunks from her new line. I felt envious of the “few lucky” people who would own one of those precious little trunks. WOW, a piece signed by Ms. Hoppen with what appears to be a gold marker pen. What I would do to have one of those.


By the way, she actually said “few lucky” about those eventually buying the trunks, and I quote “In the end I gave in so a few lucky people will have these “one time only” signed trunks”.


Just wondering, who is the lucky one in this instance, the owner of the precious little trunk, or the person who has people actually willing to pay money to own a piece of furniture with his/her marker scribblings on the leather ?

Just asking.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous pieces...hope one ends up in your hands sometime soon... :)

Divine Theatre said...

I never liked her style as I am no fan of tacky 1970's hotel rooms but to each his own!
Her fame has gone to her head. I am no fan of arrogance, either.
I'll pass in any regard.
As an aside, why are all of her photographs photoshopped within an inch of their lives?

The Roving Home said...

WE are the lucky ones. And by WE I mean the rest of us who will never own a perfectly nice leather trunk marred by an adult's scrawled signature.

And by the by, so happy that when you said you're a big fan of Kelly, you didn't mean Wearstler. Not that anything is wrong with loving K.W. but personally, I need a blog break from her super coolness.