Monday, April 4, 2011

Walker Paints For His Brother


Today I could not help but wonder what could a 3 year old be thinking when he paints to help his baby brother. I am sure this young boy will grow into a great loving man. I was so touched and felt small by this young boy. But this is not his story.

Charlie the baby brother needs surgery.

Visit (HERE) to know more about the condition and how to help.

And visit (HERE) to buy Walkers paintings to help his little brother Charlie.

Visit La Maison Boheme, Charlie’s mom write that wonderful blog for more information.



Divine Theatre said...

I bought a pack of 8 cards several days ago. I will be using them as giveaways to help bring attention to the plight of homeless pets! Win-Win!

Anonymous said...

so wonderful to post about Charlie...and what thoughtful words...

avant garde design said...

children are completely amazing! they are raw and real and untainted yet by their surroundings and the people that influence them. i'll have to check out the links for this post about charlie too. have a great day!!

Sarah (La Maison Boheme) said...

The Help Charlie Heal art card shop is restocked again! Thank you to everyone for your support and outpouring of love.