Saturday, March 26, 2011

Clear Vision

Finally I will not have to fight with clients trying to convince them not to have a TV in the bedroom. Now they can have a TV anywhere they want as far as I am concerned. With the new TV, Invisio, designed by Michael Friebe for Loewe, the age old design problem is finally solved. the TV is almost invisible! Almost.




Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Jimmy stop fighting them, you are going to lose. The tv's everywhere at the bank, waiting room, on buildings. I hate them, I complain all the time to managers, I'm just a bitter old thing.

Anonymous said...

this kinda looks nice, actually...not a tv person at all...haven't had one for the last 11 nice
..but what to do about the clients who insist?...not too many options...
I see tv's like toilets, necessary (for most) but ugly and you just can't hide

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

SO what do you do with a client that wants a TV right in front of the toilet??
Yes we had such a request. And it was done.