Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perfection ? A Post Revisited


On the 11th of March I posted a picture of this room and labeled the post “Bordering On Perfection”. Yesterday I saw the same room again on Nuevo Estilo and thought to myself, maybe I spoke too soon? There is something that went wrong on the other side, at least to me!


Anonymous said...

had really liked this room too but from this other angle, well, it's a little harder on the eyes...but still better than some of the room images out there...

María said...

Hi Jimmy. Thanks for your visit and your kind comment. Happy also to visit you. I love find recent blogs and yours is fantastic, so I also stay here cause I wouldn't lose your track. I love Tomás Urquijo designer, his contemporary interiors are so elegance and his influence of styles gorgeous. Good eye!