Thursday, March 17, 2011

A “Dressy” Ceiling

One of the most interesting ceilings I have seen in a while
Hilton Pattaya Hotel by Department of Architecture
It must feel lovely sitting under those lengths of fabric and to feel that the ceiling above you, which is normally a hard surface, is as soft as a flowing dress. It must be even nicer when the air conditioner is on and the fabrics are swaying and moving. Great contrast between the softness of the fabric and all the hard surfaces underneath.
This is the Hilton Pattaya, Thailand, designed by The Department Of Architecture. For more pictures and to read the article visit Dezeen.


Raina Cox said...

Sometimes I see something that makes me want to cower in a corner mumbling "I'm not worthy." This ceiling would do that.

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Petra Voegtle said...

After seeing these pictures I remembered a post I wrote last year:

This is about a restaurant in Boston and its completely magical design! Maybe you have seen this already... I mean pics of the restaurant...

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Petra just saw your post. Beautiful and creative

hotelsdesignmonde said...

I wrote an article about this hotel (in and out, part.1, part.2), too ! if you're interesting to read it, architects gave me lots of photos here:-)